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Online Classes & Education System


The use of technology in education and teaching has been steadily increasing over time, especially in the present era, its usefulness and importance has doubled. 

Now, educational institutions have been closed since last March due to the Corona epidemic and millions of students have been confined to their homes. Introduced distance education system, ie online education system. Each institution is using this system according to its own ability and access. The government has also started a project for this purpose under the name of Taleem Ghar and Tele School. Various applications are being used by educational institutions to keep children positively engaged. Pak-Turkish Maarif International Schools and Colleges has also introduced an ideal distance education system for its students. From April 1, the school administration launched online classes under the name Blackboard Open Learning Management System and shifted its teaching system to this modern technology. To achieve this goal, Virtual Classrooms were introduced and 450 teachers were trained through introductory sessions and seminars. Educators from Turkey and experts on the system explained the system. 1100 male and female students were enrolled in the system and their biodata and information were entered. Trained teachers start taking online classes through this blackboard open learning management system, through which students submit their homework and assignments. Teachers check it through the system and share it with the children by grading. Not only this, the children can also ask questions directly from their teachers and answer directly from the teachers. The same online system also teaches the children Teachers can check. The teachers are teaching the school curriculum and books. Not only this, story time has also been set aside for the interest of the children in reading and studying. English and Turkish languages ​​are also being taught to the children. Children regularly take these online classes from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. So instead of engaging in negative activities and sitting idle, children engage in online classes and their minds are used positively. Teachers and children stay at home and continue their studies despite the Corona epidemic. The system is running successfully with 11,000 students and 450 teachers.

The administration says the modern distance learning system will continue until the end of the Corona epidemic. As far as feedback from this online system is concerned, all parents are extremely satisfied. Bora Ozler, Education Coordinator of Schools and Colleges, says that this is the only and unique online education system of its kind in Pakistan which is based on the latest technology and has all the advantages. The Country Director, Mr. Haroon, said that it would inspire the children to use technology and be interested in it, which would help them in their education career as well as in their life and professional careers. This Blackboard Open Learning Management The second phase of the system (LMS) has started which was inaugurated by Federal Minister for Education Mr. Shafqat Mehmood Sahib, Provincial Minister for Education Punjab Mr. Murad Ras, Turkish Deputy Minister for Education Mr. Reha Dina Mitch, Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Mustafa Eurovakal, Chairman Turkish Education Foundation Prof. Dr. Barol Aqgan and Country Director of Pakistan Mr. Haroon Kochak Al-Ada Lee on June 18, 2020 highlighted the importance and usefulness of this online system. It is worth mentioning here that Turkish Education Foundation currently operates more than 332 educational institutions in 43 countries around the world. In which more than 4400 children are studying while in Pakistan this foundation is providing education to 1300 students in 27 schools and colleges in more than 10 cities under its patronage. This foundation has achieved quality education all over the world including Pakistan due to its mission and vision. Continuing to reap successes and rendering valuable services in the field of education. The foundation was established in 2016 under a special act of the Turkish parliament. It is a Turkish state institution operating under the auspices of the Turkish government and has the authority to establish educational and supporting institutions in the name of Turkey, including schools, colleges, hostels, dormitories, language centers and universities around the world. The foundation also provides scholarships to children and helps them with their academic careers. The graduates of this foundation are studying in world renowned universities including Turkey.

Every year thousands of students are playing their positive role in the society by studying in these institutes or through them.

Our prayer is that this epidemic will end soon in our mosques. Let the colors of schools be restored like our homes.

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