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The 'Lion and Dragon' agreement between China and Iran!

Why are Iranians unhappy with the 'Lion and Dragon' agreement between China and Iran?

An agreement has been reached between China and Iran, which has not been announced in detail yet, but it is said that the agreement between the two countries will remain in force for the next 25 years.

Experts and the general public have been speculating on the deal, but most Iranians are frustrated.

The deal has been dubbed the "Line Dragon Deal" or the "Lion and Dragon Pact" because the hardline Iranian newspaper Jawan reported on the deal with the same headline.

What is this agreement?

The agreement was first announced in a joint statement on January 23, 2016, during Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Iran.

According to Iran's Tasnim news agency, Article 6 of the agreement calls for increased cooperation between the two countries in the fields of energy, infrastructure development, industry and technology.

According to the news agency, "both sides have an agreement on enhancing collaboration for the coming 25 years."

During a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to "some countries," especially US-dominated policy.

He said: "In view of this situation, independent countries should work together with each other. The two sides will seriously adhere to this strategic agreement between Iran and China for the next 25 years.

In addition to Khamenei, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has on several occasions praised China's support and unity against US sanctions.

Rouhani told a cabinet meeting on June 21 that the agreement was an opportunity for both China and Iran to participate in infrastructure-related projects. Rouhani said that he had entrusted Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif with the responsibility of holding talks with the Chinese side and finalizing the talks.

Cooperation in the Energy Sector
Ali Asghar Zargar, an Iranian economist, told Iran's ILNA news agency in a semi-official interview that any oil deal between Iran, China and Russia would help in energy, security and economic matters.

Zargar said: "China chooses countries under its policy that are not under the influence of any other country. So China can get help from Iran independently. On the other hand, China also took part in some of our projects and there is no colonial greed in it. Therefore, this agreement can benefit both countries. China could also benefit from Iran's presence in Iraq.

Zargar says if China needs energy resources, Iran needs technology and investment. Therefore, this agreement will be in the interest of both countries.

China and Iran v. United States
The Iranian newspaper Javan wrote in a commentary that this is the best time for an agreement between Iran and China because the United States feels "weak" in front of China and China feels "insecure" with the United States. ۔

The newspaper writes that China's 'anti-American' policies are also beneficial for the agreement.

The daily quotes Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, speaker of the Iranian parliament, as saying, "We have seen how the Trump administration interferes in the independence and governance of other countries." The United States has done the same with Iran and China. We have witnessed it. Therefore, regional and international cooperation with China is essential. We cannot ignore it.

Ali Rabiei, a spokesman for the Iranian government, said on June 23 that the framework for the agreement had been finalized.

"This agreement proves that the US policy of isolating Iran and disrupting its international relations has failed," he said.

Is Iran's policy changing?
Ahmed Zaidabadi, a senior Iranian journalist, believes that Iran is not turning to "East policy" but is becoming part of the international system.

China emphasizes stability rather than enmity with the world. He wants to have friendly relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

At the same time, Ahmed believes that the deal will change Iran's policies and force it to follow China's policies.

Ahmed asks if the Iranian authorities have reached an agreement with China to intimidate the United States and Europe in order to relax its sanctions on Iran.

Ahmed believes the Iranian government made the deal because it saw no other option but to change its policies.

Why is this agreement so 'secret'?
The Iranian government has also been criticized for failing to provide details about the deal. Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at a rally on June 27: "Any agreement with any foreign country without knowing the wishes and demands of the people is against the national interest and unacceptable."

He criticized the agreement as "unclear" and the Iranian government's "factual secrets." Ahmadinejad called on government officials to inform the country about the agreement.

In response to Ahmadinejad's allegations, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said the ministry could publish full details of the deal after China's approval. He denied allegations that there was "ambiguity" in the terms of the agreement.

Economist Mohsen Shariatna says the agreement proves that Iran is now pursuing a softer approach to the East. He says the roadmap for the agreement is strategic cooperation, which is different from unity. Mohsin believes that China and Iran have very different views, policies and constitutions.

What are the people of Iran saying?
The Iranian people are not happy with the news of this agreement. People on social media are calling the deal the beginning of 'Chinese colonialism'.

In the last 24 hours, social media users have been trending the hashtag 'Iran is not for sale not for rent', meaning that Iran is not for sale or for rent. Is.

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