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Wearing a Gold mask kills corona virus?


Shankar Karade, a businessman from Pune, Maharashtra, India, made a gold mask to avoid Corona.

Following the spread of the corona virus around the world, social distance as well as masks have become essential and that is why various types of masks are available in the market but Indian businessmen eager to wear gold jewelry have made gold masks for themselves.

Shankar Karade from Pune, India has made a gold face mask for 4,000 US dollars, or 289,000 Indian rupees.

Shankar Karade, from the Indian city of Pune, has made a gold face mask for 4,000 US dollars, or 289,000 Indian rupees.

This mask of Shankar weighs 60 grams i.e. 5 towels which has been made by the artisans in 8 days.

The Indian says it is a thin mask with tiny holes that help it breathe.

Regarding the help of the mask in preventing corona, Shankar said that he does not know how much the gold mask helps in protecting from corona, so he completes other precautions.

Shankar Karade, 49, is keen to wear gold jewelry and wears a gold necklace, a gold bracelet and several gold rings.

"People are shocked to see me wearing a gold mask in the bazaar and take selfies with me," he added.

It is believed that the number of cases of the deadly corona virus in India is increasing rapidly and so far 18,000 people have died while the number of infected patients has exceeded 600,000.

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